A Message From Our Pastor Regarding The Coronavirus

Dear Foxworth First Family:

I desire to keep you informed as the COVID-19 pandemic develops, and my chief concern is for spiritual and physical well-being for all of us.

As you are likely aware, we (the state of MS) are now under an executive order, signed by Gov. Tate Reeves, regarding the coronavirus that restricts our travel, work, social gatherings, etc., through April 17, 2020.

What this means for us as a church is that we will not be gathering for “in-person” services/activities for a longer duration.  We pray this does not get extended beyond April 17th, but we also know there exists such a possibility.  While this is not what we had hoped, we trust it is to our benefit and the benefit of others in an attempt to see us through this time.

I want to encourage you to do your best to adhere to the conditions of the executive order and the recommendations of national, state, and local officials.  We know that the authority they have is only such that was entrusted to them by the Lord, Himself.  We honor the Lord as we honor their authority.  So, it is both wise and honoring to the Lord to refrain from social gathering of any kind, during this time.

As your pastor, I want you to know how I miss seeing you!  I am praying for you, during this time.  I know that some of you are seeing your work hours reduced.  Some are not able to work, and some are strained, financially.  Our economy is struggling, small businesses are taking a hit, and we are facing the temptation to panic with regards to financial decisions and responsibilities.  However, I am certain that the Lord has a plan for you, and He is faithful to provide all your needs.  Continue to be devoted to the Lord in prayer:  that He would be glorified and praised; that He would provide your daily needs; that He would forgive your sins and lead you to extend forgiveness to others.

Continue to seek ways to serve others & do not hesitate to call on me or one of our deacons.  Do not cease being the church during this time when we cannot gather as the church, in person.  The world needs to see the HOPE we have in Christ.  So, walk in and share this HOPE!

The following services will be available online, only.

  • Sunday, March 29th – Worship Services at 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 1st – Midweek Bible Study at 6 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 5th – Worship Services at 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 8th – Midweek Bible Study at 6 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 12th – Resurrection Sunday Service at 11 a.m.
  • Wednesday, April 15th – Midweek Bible Study at 6 p.m.

Further information concerning our services will be announced as changes occur (believe me:  as soon as we believe we are able to meet “in-person,” you will hear/see it announced!).  The schedule above includes the services we believe need to be online, only.  We are hopeful that Sun., April 19th will be an “in-person” service.

Church, be reminded – PRAY.  “GATHER.”  GIVE.  GO.

  • Pray.
    • Above all, pray for our Father’s Name to be hallowed (honored; praised) in all that takes place during this time.
    • Pray the LORD halts the spread of this virus.
    • Pray for comfort for God’s people and conviction unto repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for lost souls.
    • Pray for those in the health care services, government officials, and pastors.
    • Pray for a glorious display of God’s great mercy and grace among us (a glimpse of His glory).
  • Set time aside to gather for worship, “remotely.”
    • Be sure to get set up for the worship service prior to the announced start-times.
    • Gather with your family and sing along (if applicable), open your copy of God’s Word, and engage in the service.
    • Remove distractions such as cell phone, tv, etc.
    • Guard against simply allowing the time of worship to be the service playing in the background while you are tending to other things.
    • While the Live Stream option gives flexibility, please consider that, when possible, you gather during the LIVE streaming of the service.
  • Give. Walk in faithfulness before the LORD in the area of stewardship.  Available to you are the following options:
    • Utilize our online giving platform (tithe.ly – which you can also find on our website).
      • There are options to give to the General Offering, Family Life Center, and Heart for the Nations Fund.
    • Mail your offering to (please do not mail cash):

Foxworth First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 45

Foxworth, MS 39483

  • Drop your offering by the church office (M-Th., 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
    • If mailing or dropping-off your offering, please include in an envelope information indicating “general offering, “Family Life Center,” “Heart for the Nations,” or other designations.
  • Go.
    • We believe we were created to walk, worship, & witness in a manner that is Friendly, Faithful, and Focused concerning Christ and our mission in Him.
    • While we are voluntarily limiting our face-to-face contact with others, we must be intentionally creative with how we live out & share the HOPE we have in Christ!
      • Please consider checking-in on those who are more vulnerable.
        • Offer to pick up groceries when you must go out, and drop them on the porch/leave them in the car for those who are in greater need of isolating (the elderly, the quarantined, and those with compromised immune systems/current medical conditions.
        • Offer to stop by the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for them (please check with the pharmacy by calling to ensure you are allowed to pick up the medications in their place).
      • Please seek the LORD in leading you to creative ways to serve in the Name of Jesus both church members and your neighbors who may not be church members (a great opportunity to share the reason for you HOPE in Christ and kindness toward them while making calls to see if you can be of assistance).


In addition, please continue to pray concerning & plan for our Day of Hope – August will be here before we know it!

  • We will be communicating more information about this day, soon.
  • Our planning team is in the process of recruiting our team leaders for all the tasks we are planning (if you feel led to volunteer, please do not hesitate!).
  • Teams will be built to accomplish all the LORD has laid on our hearts (it will take a great collective).
  • Teams have been listed in the “bulletin” for our service (3/29). We need you to sign-up to serve on a team.


Also, please continue to check our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/foxworthfirst – or our website – www.foxworthfbc.org – for the latest updates concerning our scheduling.

May the greatness of God move our hearts leading to obedience unto Him during this time!



I’m honored to serve HIM alongside you!

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