Several years ago, the Lord led a small group of men and women living in this community in Marion County – west of the Pearl River – to join together and formally begin a new gathering of a local body who had been born-again in Christ Jesus. Over the course of time, Foxworth First Baptist Church was named & her gathering location set at our current campus. During those years, and still today, those who gather as Foxworth First have had the conviction that the Lord, Himself, gathered, positioned, and empowered this local church to gather together, worship & serve the Lord, and to live on mission for God’s glory.

Today, Foxworth First is composed of men, women, boys, & girls from a variety of backgrounds joined together for God’s glory and meeting together for worship celebrations, fellowship & service opportunities, & discipleship at 24 E. Marion St. in Foxworth, MS. While many things have changed, what has remained is our desire to know the Lord and make Him known in Marion County and around the world. We like to say it like this: “God has sovereignly brought us together to walk, worship, and witness together in a manner that is friendly, faithful, and focused for His glory!”

  • Friendly toward the community & fellow brothers & sisters in Christ – building relationships for God’s glory & living in unity in Christ.
  • Faithful to the Lord & His Word – devoted to loving the Lord supremely & those He created in His image.
  • Focused on Jesus & our mission in Him – keeping our eyes on Jesus & making disciples of all nations.

If you are looking for a church, we would love for you to join together with us for one of our worship celebrations throughout the week.

To learn more about us, check out Our Staff, What We Believe…, and What to Expect… pages.

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