In-Person ReGathering Update

Dear Foxworth First Family & Guests,

In March of 2020, everything with regards to in-person gatherings seemed to change.  As a congregation, we walked through a variety of precautions, limited contact, and virtual services. 

Since that time, we have been able to move back to on-campus/in-person services. In addition, we have continued to work to improve our Live Stream service option. 

Presently, we are meeting (both in-person and online):


9 a.m. Small Groups/Sunday School

10 a.m. Worship Celebration

5 p.m. Choir Practice

6 p.m. Worship Celebration


 6 p.m. Midweek Bible Study / Prayer Service

 6 p.m. FLIGHT (Student Ministry Worship – 7th grade through 12th grade)

As we have learned, the situation is fluid.  Every date, time, and activity is subject to change.  I am committed to constantly monitoring current conditions in order to best lead under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  It could be possible that we have to delay or revert back to “Step 1” or online, only, services.  I pray that is not the case, and that we can progressively move through this regathering plan.

As we continue to press forward, please keep the following in mind:

Personal Responsibility:  Each person has a responsibility to look out for the welfare of themselves and others.  If you suspect that you or a member of your family have symptoms, please stay home until the recommended “self-quarantine” period has expired and/or testing has revealed that you are negative for COVID-19.

Social Distancing / Personal Contact:  At this point, you will see a variety of interactions on campus.  Fist-bumps, hand-shakes, and even hugs are common.  We also understand that some will not feel comfortable with such at this point.  We hope to gauge your level of willingness and not make anyone feel uncomfortable.  There is no problem with you refraining from personal contact, and we will understand and respect your decision in such.

Masks:  Currently, our area does not fall under an executive order requesting the wearing of masks.  So, we are not asking anyone to do so on campus.  However, if you feel as though you should wear a mask, we respect your decision to do so.  Also, masks are available at the entrances.

Clean & Clean & Clean:  Protocols for cleanliness to help reduce the spread of the virus on campus are in place and will continue.  Hand sanitation stations are located at every entry point.

Giving:  While we are not “passing plates” to collect your tithes and offerings to the Lord through the church, we continue to encourage your obedience through giving.  An offering box is in the foyer of the worship center.  Please drop your offering in the box on your way in or out of one of our times for gathered worship.  In addition to this, you can find our online giving option selecting the “Online Giving” tap at the top of our website.

I want to encourage you to participate in on-campus, gathered worship, and (if you are a guest) we would love for you to do so at Foxworth First!

Tyler Chavis, Pastor

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