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We know that making the decision to gather with a church with which you aren’t very familiar can be daunting. When you are visiting any church for the first time, the unknown factors can make you a little nervous. We do not want unanswered questions to cause you needless anxiety. So, we have attempted to provide answers to some common questions.

We want to put you at ease. We want your first visit to Foxworth First Baptist Church to be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your whole family. We want you to experience the presence of God. We want you feel the love of God, and hear the Word of God! You may find the following information to be helpful as you plan for your visit.

Where do I go?

As you approach our campus, you will see traditional looking church buildings. Feel free to park in any of our 3 parking lots (one on the eastside of the building, one on the westside of the building, across the street from the font doors, or in the spaces directly in front of the building).

When you arrive on the property there will be someone to greet you at the main entrance of the church building to assist you with any directions you may need.  

  • Our Sunday Small Groups (Sunday School) start at 9 a.m., and we have classes grouped by age for children (preschool through the 12th grade).
  • We have several adult Sunday School classes that you may choose to attend.

The morning worship service begins at 10 a.m. in the main auditorium. Your children will remain with you for the entire worship service.

  • Once a month (1st Sunday) children ages 4 years through 6th grade are invited to depart the auditorium at the announced time to attend groups designed especially for them. We intentionally only offer this one-time per month, because we value both their time in age-appropriate groups and them participating in the worship service where they benefit from learning as they absorb what is taking place around them: adults around them singing praises to the Lord, giving offerings, believers partaking of the Lord’s Supper & following through in believer’s baptism, and the preaching of the Word of God.
  • We also have a nursery available for infants through 3 years of age for each of our worship gatherings.

What should I wear?

There is not a strict dress code at Foxworth First for our members or guests. In case you are wondering, many of our church members dress in a variety of attires. Typically, you will see men wear anything from a dress shirt and slacks, jeans, or even t-shirts. You will see women wear modest clothing that ranges from dresses to tops and pants. Even our pastor may have on a pair of jeans with a sport coat. Whether you choose to wear a suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans…dress shoes or sneakers, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable for your visit to gather with Foxworth First Baptist Church.

What can I expect in the worship celebration service?

If you are a first-time guest, you will be offered a card at the welcome table (in the foyer) when you arrive. If you desire, you can jot down some basic contact information on this card. While we would love to connect with you, feel no obligation to fill-out or return the card. If you would like, you can return the card to the welcome table at the conclusion of the service. A Welcome Team member will have a small gift as a way to say “thank you” for joining us as our guest in our worship celebration.


  • Our worship celebrations give you an opportunity to join us in singing hymns and spiritual songs to the Lord as a congregation. In addition, our song director, choir, or individuals may sing a testimony in song.


  • We know we are completely dependent upon the Lord. So, we pray. Our pastor and others will lead during times of prayer throughout the service.


  • We consider the preaching and teaching of the Word of God to be the most important time of the service. We believe everyone needs the instruction we receive from the Word of God.
  • Most often, our pastor preaches series of messages through books of the Bible or themes within the Bible. He seeks to unpack & apply God’s Word in a particular text during the preaching portion of the service.

Closing Invitation

At the end of the preaching, our pastor will ask everyone to stand and will give an invitation. This is a time for us to respond to the Lord and His Word. Our song director will sing, and you are invited to respond to the Lord where you stand or walk down front and pray. Decisions may be to trust Jesus Christ as personal Savior, confess to the Lord your failures, recommit yourself to living for Jesus or something similar. Whatever your decision may be, you are welcome to come forward with others that will make decisions or speak with our pastor who will be standing down front to receive you.


During each Sunday service, we have a time where our members have an opportunity to give an offering to the Lord. While you are welcome to participate in the offering if you desire, we want you to know that we do not expect your participation. We are not inviting you to Foxworth First for your money. We want our service to be a gift & blessing to you. We hope you will find in our church a warm family spirit, truth from God’s Word, and a home where you can grow in God’s grace. While we do not want you to feel any obligation to participate in the offering as a guest, if you choose to give to the Lord through Foxworth First there are several ways that can happen:

  • During the service, men will “pass the offering plate” while our pianist plays.
  • There is an offering box in the middle of the foyer. You are welcome to drop an offering in the slot on the top of the box.
  • You can also give online by choosing the “GIVE” tab on the website.

We invite you to be our guest. We would love to have you join us to worship the Lord!

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